I was fortunate enough to have attended Mildred’s CV workshop many years ago and so when the time came for my own CV makeover, it made perfect sense to go back to Mildred. I needed a CV that would attract partners and employers from the global education and training sectors. In order to achieve this result, Mildred and I worked together going back and forth as she suggested styles, words and phrases and I fed back based on my experience in the global market and in the end, we had a finished project with which we were both satisfied. The results have been evidenced in the positive responses I have received since I began disseminating my new CV. I would not hesitate to recommend Mildred and her CV makeovers as a tool to enhance your entry into new career spaces.

Mbeke Waseme
Education Advisor
Taking voluntary severance after 14 years with the same company, to say my CV needed an overhaul is an understatement! Mildred is THE go to person for providing an up to date and comprehensive CV in no time at all. Before the makeover, my old-and-battered CV and covering letter wasn’t doing the trick with agencies and interim consultancies and received few responses from enquiries. Since distributing the version from Mildred, I found my CV was generating genuine call backs and conversations with recruiters and clients – for roles that appealed to my interests and skill set. I have no hesitation in recommending CV Makeover Expert to anyone looking for work at any level within their career path.
Iain Duthie
Data management, data modelling & vba development professional

I needed to create a professional and concise CV for a very important interview. I knew of Mildred’s services and had heard many great things about her. I first had a CV review which highlighted all the areas that needed improvements. Due to time restraints and her obvious expertise in this area, I decided to have the Silver Makeover. This was completed speedily and to say that I was impressed with the results is an understatement. She condensed a very wordy CV to just 1 page (which is what was needed in this situation). The information was punchy, concise and clearly set out. I am pleased to say that I got through to a second interview. The CV definitely was a part of that. I would categorically recommend using her services. Having a professional CV is paramount. Thank you Mildred.

Elaine Powell
CEO of SWC Training and Consultancy

Firstly I must thank Mildred for producing a fantastic CV and cover letter that were unrecognisable from my own initial attempts. They are extremely well written, look superb and have definitely allowed me to get my foot in the door, which after all is the whole point. I have and will keep on recommending you. Thanks for a great service.

Mark Vickers
Senior Network Support Engineer

Mildred recently did some work for me on my Linkedin profile and elsewhere. Her work exceeded my expectations, was effective and efficient and was value for money. As they say ‘the facts speak for themselves’.

Ciaran Moore
Business & Strategic Consultant

I needed a CV fast and wanted something that would demonstrate my abilities and skills quite clearly. I hadn’t applied for a job many years and my efforts were not proving successful. CV Makeover Expert delivered an excellent CV and cover letter, totally transformed layout, font and made it more concise and easier to read. It changed my chances of getting noticed. Since then I have had several interviews and recently secured a job. If you are looking for help or support with a career change or development then Mildred and her team are the real deal. Blogs, audio sessions, two brilliant books and of cause her comprehensive range of CV services. I totally recommend Mildred to anyone looking to update their CV. Thanks Mildred and CV Makeover Expert team, you have been part of this success.

Byron Batten
Senior Internal Communications Officer

Mildred captured exactly what I was looking for with her service. She is detailed in her assessment and consultation which made me very comfortable and knew that she totally understood the brief. Mildred’s turnaround with first drafts was very fast so from start to finish, I was happy with the time it took to reach the final draft. If you are looking for a professional service, someone who will understand fully what you are after and produce exceptional work, look no further and hire Mildred. Last but not least, it was an absolute pleasure and lots of fun working with Mildred!

Gozi Halima Nwachukwu (MBA)
Image Consultant & Primary School Workshop Facilitator

Mildred is a detailed and focused CV writer which adds credit to her great talent! Her techniques were unique and innovative in approaching the client to find out their needs in accordance to their specific career search! She was wonderful to work with and wish her all the very best!

Dr Kshama Haribhai
Medical Doctor with expertise in Healthcare Research, Treatment & Prevention

Mildred is truly a professional and an expert in her field. Mildred has drive, committed and love for what she does which makes her hardworking and efficient. Mildred is skilled in reflecting exactly who you are as a professional person. I recommend Mildred’s services with full confidence that she will deliver a sterling service.

Neroni Genus
School Business Manager

I have, on and off, known Mildred for what has grown into years plus her books have been vital in getting me to where I am now. Her calm confidence is very well founded in her many years of experience and that also gave me huge confidence that I would be pleased with the results I would receive. Though it is very cliche, it is often said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Mildred has mastered this skill, collating so much information about me and my job search that the finished CV that she produced, not only showed me in a fresh light, it renewed my confidence that I would find a job too. When Mildred finished, she went the extra mile and directed me to jobs that were literally PERFECT for me, proving again that the initial interview with me was as in-depth as was possible. I would STRONGLY recommend her services to anyone looking to update their CV. Her expertise is truly top class plus, you will have the extra invaluable benefit of the confidence that you will have that you have a great tool in your job searching armoury. In fact, even if you think that you may not need her personally, there’s a great likelihood that you know someone that will find her services incredibly beneficial. Her enlightening podcasts, blogs and CV makeover services can even help you gain a promotion or pay rise in your current job and help someone get their career back on track, particularly in a period of stagnancy. It’s a great privilege knowing Mildred and working with her.

Uzoma Isichei
Social Media Manager

I have followed Mildred on Social Media for a number of years, her articles and posts are very insightful. Mildred was top of my list and came highly recommended. I sought her services to help refresh my CV and Linkedin profile, part of a re-branding and business development exercise. The package selected: Silver Package, Mildred provided valuable feedback which not only enhanced my CV, it helped me define my offering. Mildred is professional, she provided drafts and final documents in a very timely manner and answered any questions I had. Her communication and customer service are of a very high standard, (she even worked on the final touches to my CV the day before she went into labour, true dedication) Mildred exceeded my expectations and I will highly recommend her. She is professional, ethical and inspirational!

Janice Beckles
Senior Business & Enterprise Specialist | Management Consultant at B Consultancy

It was such a pleasure working with Mildred as she is friendly and very professional. She was a great coach and I found her advice invaluable in the run up to my interviews and salary negotiations. I got the job and would definitely recommend her services.

Eshe Jackson-Nyakasikana
International Communications and Development Specialist

We were on the lookout for a professional who could provide CV support to aspiring executives in our leadership development community and Mildred fit the bill perfectly. She has a way with words. Migrants specifically get this, there’s going to be a better way of expressing your skills and the value you add, and sometimes finding the right words for cultural fit can be such a challenge. That’s where Mildred’s CV makeover helps. She retains your voice, whilst articulating what you do so it’s compelling. Without hesitation I’d recommend Mildred to anyone wanting to showcase their capability so it lands them the job.

Rhonda Best
Director | Business Growth Specialist

I approached Mildred after going through career transition and the need to market my services and send the right message out to my connections on LinkedIn. Mildred provided an excellent service. She had a 30 minute consultation to get an understanding of how I would like to position myself and helped me to get clear on what I would like to achieve. She is very professional and sticks with the agreed turnaround time and I would happily recommend her and use her services again

Kayla Conley
Redundancy Specialist | Professional Speaker

The money I would have spent on my twice daily coffees in a month was my investment in the service provided by Mildred! Mildred was detailed and focused in her initial communications with me. She confirmed the brief was clear about my intended direction in terms of my career progression. She reviewed my social network profile and gave me sound advice as to how best to market myself professionally and personally. Mildred provided me with two versions of my now updated CV and also revamped my LinkedIn profile. Mildred comes highly recommended and I commend her professionalism and clarity of her clients’ purpose. The CV Mildred produced helped me to eventually secure a significant promotion in my chosen career. I can’t thank her enough for an excellent product and on-point career development support.”

Valari Mitchell MA, PhD
Eminent authority in criminal behaviour and judicial services
Mildred took my meandering CV and turned it into something that reflected what I can actually do!
Val Stevenson
Web Manager

Mildred was excellent in revamping my profile. She is very proactive and great with good suggestions. A professional indeed. I highly recommend her. Give her a trial if you haven’t done so yet.

Asuquo Asuquo
Experienced Management Professional | Global Ambassador, Nation Builders International
Testimonials - Debbie Wellington

I’m absolutely delighted with my CV and LinkedIn profile as revamped by Mildred. Her professionalism and attention to detail were great and she didn’t hesitate in going the extra mile in sorting out a duplication on my LinkedIn account that caused me problems and had locked me out. She was friendly and helpful and a pleasure to do business with. I would not hesitate in recommending Mildred’s service to anyone who needs a fresh approach to their CV and LinkedIn profiles.

Debbie Wellington
Credit & Finance Management professional

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